About Me

 My name is Karis. 
(pronounced like Paris, but with a "K")

I have been changed by relentless grace.

I’m a wife to a tattooed pastor with a big heart and big muscles and I’m a mommy to a red-headed, blue eyed prince.

Me and my husband just moved (back) to Illinois to plant a brand new church which will launch on 2.12.12. (Details will be streaming in over the next several months!)

I work from home as a Creative Media and Marketing Director.

I would have made a great gypsy. Me and my husband have a "how we met" story that Shakespeare himself would be jealous of. I have a deep infatuation with all things style and fashion related. I'm prone to make spontaneous decisions. I tend to be slightly dramatic. I like for life to be just slightly rough around the edges. I'm basically an undercover hippie with a bit of glamor mixed in. I am a recovering shopaholic. I grew up in the city and will always have a deep love for the city, but am now a small-town Midwest girl. I'm from Texas and have a great deal of state pride. I still dream of being a Prima Ballerina. I am constantly getting caught up in wanderlust.

I have 4 sisters who, next to my Savior, my husband and my son, are my inspirations in this beautiful life of mine.

I sing, create, design, write, shop, cook, will always be a city-girl, drink lots of coffee, and love things that sparkle. I try to work out. I love big sunglasses, big rings, big hair, big purses, and big hugs. I like tall people. I am always thinking about my next tattoo. I can decorate the heck out of a cupcake. I live for moments of celebration and adventure. I rely on love, am always in need of massive amounts of grace, love living for a cause that is so big that my mind can’t wrap around it, and find it impossible to describe just what Jesus Christ has done in my life. I stay amazed at his goodness and faithfulness.

We are just your typical edgy, God-loving little family.